Committee on GST Issues
The biggest reform in the history of indirect tax in India is Goods and Services Tax (GST). It is still in the incipient stage and the government, trade, industry and professionals and practitioners are still struggling with various legal and procedural issues. It is still in the process of building a stable taxation structure and that’s why it is important for the small businesses across the country to have a deeper working knowledge of Law and other things related to GST. CAIT’s Committee on GST makes various necessary recommendations to the Union and State Governments regarding issues faced by the traders across the country from time to time. It acts as a bridge between the government and the traders and is helping in reducing the shortcomings and problems the current GST structure is facing.

Direct Tax Committee
Direct Tax Committee examines the direct tax laws, rules, regulations, circulars, notifications, etc. which may be enacted or issued by the Government and to send necessary suggestions in the form of memoranda to the respective legislation for further improvement. We organize seminars, conferences programs with the Government/ trade associations including workshops for Pre-Budget and Post-Budget memorandum. We submit our concerns pre and post-budget related to direct tax to the government authorities and also respond to issues related to it.

CSR Committee
The initiative and contribution of an enterprise towards the economic and social welfare of the general community is referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility. CAIT’s CSR committee sets guidance and direction on the Country’s various issues and culture. We decide voluntarily where to contribute and in what manner in order to create a better and cleaner society and environment. We integrate social and other useful concerns in our business operations and set examples for others too for the betterment of the society in a voluntary way.

Internal Trade Committee
The Internal Trade committee works to eliminate and reduce barriers for free movement of person, goods, services and investment within the Country for an open, efficient, and stable domestic market. The Committee make all endeavours to ensure that Internal Trade in The Country should be strengthened to the extent where the small businesses emerge as the largest contributors to GDP & economy of the Country.

FMCG Promotion and Protection Committee
FMCG being consumer packaged goods are sold quickly as are used on a daily basis. Packaged foods, Grocery, foodgrains, beverages, toiletries, candies, cosmetics, over the counter drugs, dry goods and other consumables are among the few items. The FMCG goods are the lifeline of a robust supply chain which is being run by the traders despite facing several roadblocks and hurdles.

The FMCG committee is deeply involved in promoting the FMCG sector through various channels. Committee plans strategies and policies in order to encourage the vast reach of the FMCG products in urban and rural India as also in far-flung areas of the Country.

Logistics Committee
The Logistic Committee acts as an interface between producers and suppliers and buyers in helping the availability of reliable and reasonable logistic services. It develops the logistic activities and draw a mid-to long-term strategies for the supply chain, identifies new strategic fields, allocates resources for projects, provides project financing, and determines the structure of the logistics work groups. The committee also focuses on the standardization of documents and business processes, the improvement of regulations regarding transport policies, the increase of sustainability in warehousing and transport processes, as well as the standardization of new technologies.

Foreign Trade Committee
Foreign Trade Committee works in the area of international trade and trade policy. We prepare proposals to the government for necessary changes in Foreign Trade Policy to simplify the export-import system. We work towards bringing flexibility in various promotional schemes. We remain in touch with various Embassies and Consulates of different Countries in India and Indian Embassies & Consulates in other Countries for exploring the possibilities of growth of Export & Import Trade. We also maintain regular interaction with various Chambers, Business Associations etc. of different Countries.

Women Empowerment Committee
We are very serious about our commitment towards women empowerment. Our committee works with various sectors to strengthen women’s role and participation in the entire sphere of society. Gender equality at the workplace and prevention of sexual harassment at workplace is our major concern. We work for the betterment of the women entrepreneurs and we provide them with the necessary support so that they can flourish, and the true sense of Women empowerment is achieved.
We organize seminars, conferences programs in order to spread awareness and encourage female entrepreneurs to make their mark in society.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Committee
We organize and arrange skill development programs across the country and encourage Industrial training, apprenticeship and other skill development schemes in order to generate more and more self-employed individuals. We focus on reducing the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower. Through various programs, seminars and conferences we aim to build skilled and fresh thinking personals for existing and yet to be created jobs.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee monitors and plans for CAIT’s financial position and financial control systems. Its role is to ensure that the governing body discharges its financial responsibilities correctly and that the retail industry remains financially viable at all times. The Committee also is responsible for monitoring the budget and to take corrective action for issues such as potential overspending and other discrepancies.

Legal Affairs Committee
The Legal Affair Committee provides expertise on legal issues in the interest of the retail trade. Several distinguished legal experts provide the interpretation and implementation of Indian and International law, Policy and other Rules & Regulations governing domestic trade.

Entertainment Committee
The purpose of the Committee is to arrange suitable entertainment programs from time to time for the members on various occasions. Committee plans many recreational activities, while at the same time giving committee members the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience in planning and promotion.

Capital Market Committee
In order to ensure the availability of reliable information about the Indian capital market, we have set up the Capital Market Committee. Various sectors of society face different impacts of the various policies and regulations formed by the Government and other authorities. We provide regular information about the working of the Stock Exchange and other vital information for the traders for the purpose of investment.

Banking & Financial Services Committee
The nation’s housing and financial services sectors include banking, insurance, real estate, public and assisted housing, and securities. Our Committee oversees all above-mentioned components and acts as an integrated hub for research, dialogue, inputs in policy formulation in the context of financial services. We organize training courses, seminars, programs, workshops (residential/non-residential) for members and others on the areas related to financial services.
Traders Insurance Committee
A large section of the small businesses of the Country has not been enabled with advantages of the Insurance sector. We conduct various seminars, workshops and other programs to educate the traders about the importance of Insurance in our business. Our core statement is -Insurance is not an expense but an investment.

Food Safety & Standards Committee
The Food Safety and Standards Committee deals with the impact of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, which is a consolidating statute related to food safety and regulation in India. The Committee works for protecting and promoting public health under the regulation and supervision of food safety whereas ensuring no harassments to traders. We contribute to the development of international technical standards in food by spreading awareness through various programs, seminars and conferences.

APMC Committee
Our Agriculture Produce Market Committee works to ensure that farmers are safeguarded from the exploitation by at APMC Mandis, as well as ensuring the farm to retail price spread does not reach excessively high levels. The retail price spread is the difference between the farm price and the retail price of a product, reflecting charges for processing, shipping, and retailing farm goods. Our committee ensures that all the regulations are followed under the Law and the balance in the system is maintained.

Committee on Jewellers Issues
This Committee provides legal assistance, guidance and awareness to the Jewellery trade. It works very closely with the fraternity in order to help formulate and eradicate the various discrepancies in the current system. The committee attracts government attention to the problems faced by the Jewel Industry. Meetings and conferences are arranged with them in order to discuss various aspects of the Jewel industry. They work together in the time of social and economic crisis and help in the development of Indian Economy.

Indian Toys Promotion Committee
The Committee works in order to benefit the Toy trade of our country. We work with toy manufacturers & traders hand in hand providing them with proper encouragement and assistance to promote the rapid growth of the Industry. The toy industry in India has tremendous potential however it has not received adequate attention for its development. Our committee is working towards providing them technical support and other assistance from time to time to make the enable to produce global standards toys.

FDI in Retail Committee
The committee of FDI in Retail examines various issues related to FDI in retail trade including e-commerce. It is committed to the welfare of the Retail trade of India and works to benefit large numbers of traders in the Country and protecting them from the onslaught of MNCs and big corporate houses who are having deep pockets with FDI. The focus of the Committee is to monitor and highlight the malpractice of the MNCs & Indian Corporates and protect the rights of the retailers across the country.

Social Media Promotion Committee
The Social Media Promotion Committee produces, designs and promotes Internet-based materials and stories in order to showcase the various activities of the CAIT to the public. We create uploads which are relevant to the general public and promote the motive, objectives and various campaigns of the CAIT in order to build a positive and transparent image. The Committee is regularly conducting meeting and seminars about the importance of social media in raising the voice about the issues of the traders from time to time and encourage more and more traders to adopt social media not only for connections but also to expand the base of their respective businesses.

Committee on Textile Issues
Our Committee on Textile Issues focuses on the issues and challenges being faced by the textile and clothing trade We highlight the problems faced by them and address urgent policy interventions required to benefit the trade,

China Goods Boycott Committee
In order to check “China’s growing footsteps in India and increasing import of Chinese goods” CAIT has launched ‘China Quit India’ movement to boycott Chinese goods and check its growing influence in the country’s economy. This committee formulates various campaigns and ensures its nationwide awareness in order to spread the cause which is disrupting Indian Retail trade. The committee organizes sit-in, social media campaigns and various other activities in order to completely ban China from India. We have gained nationwide acceptance. The CAIT also works closely with Government and other organisations to reduce the influence of Chinese goods on policy matter and other related issues.

Digital Literacy Committee
The Committee works towards the awareness of digital literacy and encourages the use of technology amongst the Traders across the country. Committee designs and runs various campaigns and workshops in different parts of the country in order to collect and to spread information on digital literacy, we also provide guidance to the traders on the development and advancement of various Digital technologies and programs introduced by the Government and others. Our aim is to educate more and more people on the maximum use of digital technologies as it is the future of developing India and will also strengthen our economy.

Committee on Cashless India
The Committee on Cashless India is truly focused on transforming India into a cashless economy. We closely work with the various trader wings in order to promote and educate them the benefits of Cashless India and we also identify the obstructions affecting the access of digital payments. We communicate with the Government at several intervals and suggest the changes to frame user-friendly digital payment options. Cashless economy is the ambitious campaign of our Government and we aim to achieve the same. We arrange programs with the various local bodies, associations and traders on a regular basis in order to promote adoption of digital payment systems.

Trade Modernization Committee
This Committee develops strategic plans in order to increase predictability, transparency and efficiency of the sector that is relevant in today’s progressive trade environment. We study various government policies to adopt modernized provisions, particularly in the areas of simplified rules of origin, importer self-certification, trade facilitation, enforcement, supply chain security, and non-tariff trade barriers and provide assistance to the various traders in order to achieve the advanced trade structure.

Indian Tradition Heritage Committee
The Committee supervises guides and assists in the conservation of Indian Tradition and works towards the maintenance and preservations of our rich cultural heritage. We highlight the wrongdoings of anyone damaging the Indian Tradition and fight for the maintenance of the purity of our values.

Handicrafts Promotion Committee
The Handicraft Promotion Committee promotes, supports, protects the production and sale of Indian handicrafts. The Committee finds and collects the Handicraft artisans and helps them in promoting the rich Handicraft culture of our country by providing those platforms where they can sell their goods. India has a rich Handicraft culture and various states have their own high-quality handicrafts goods & services and our Committee has created necessary infrastructure as well as marketing and information facilities, through which we provide assistance to the various Handicraft traders across the country.

Festival Celebrations Committee
The Festival Celebration Committee are the ones to have most of the fun as they get to plan, arrange, organize, invite and celebrate the various Festivals of our country. Celebration of every function is a part of our Indian Culture and we learn to celebrate Life through them. Hence the Committee sincerely works towards making each festival a special one.

CAIT Business Referral Committee
The federal network is an important aspect of any business. Investment in human capital is an asset. This committee provides the best business assistance to the trading committee. It runs programs to educate the traders to upgrade their performance. They also organise seminars, conferences and lecture, etc for imparting latest knowledge to traders about core issues concerning the trading community. We bring together trusted, reliable, professional members to make our structure even stronger.

Spiritual and Vedic Knowledge Committee
Traditionally Vedic knowledge has been part of the Higher knowledge of the Brahmin priestly class, where it has been used to guide men and women in their daily lives. Though ancient, it is still very much alive and like Yoga and Ayurveda is becoming understood and popular to modern Western culture in helping us find meaning, purpose and balance in our lives. Our committee will provide assistance in all section of spiritual and Vedic knowledge.