Profile of CRTDS

The CAIT Research & Trade Development Society (CRTDS)

The Cait Research & Trade Development Society (CRTDS), is a Research and Business promotion Board founded by the Confederation of All indian Traders (CAIT), in the year 2007, which is engaged in multifarious activities with a vision and mission to develop greater business opportunities in the country by motivating the traders and other section to upgrade and modernize their existing business model and to adopt modern business techniques in order to face global challenges.

CRTDS is carrying regular research and debate on issues concerning the unorganized sector of india including traders, small and medium enterprises, professionals and self-employed person, beside conducting research on economic issues, with a view to promote better business opportunities in domestic and foreign trade.

CRDTS either on its own or in assocation with its parent body the CAIT, also holds Meetings, Seminars and Conferences on several issues with the Central and State Government and other Authorities from time to time and also lend assistance to mitigate genuine problems of the unorganized sector.

The CRDTS is presently headed by Shri Satish Aggarwal, Chairman, M/s. Kamdhenu Ispat Limited (Kamdhenu Group) as Chairman, Shri Rajesh Bansal, Managing Director, M/s.Dorset India Limited (Dorset Group) as President and Mr.Praveen Khandelwal, the illustrious leader of the trading community at national level, as its Secretary General and consists of more than 125 distinguished and leading businessman, industrialists and professionals of New Delhi and other States.

The Society is nurtured by renowned Chartered Accountant and Industrialist of Maharashtra Mr. B.C.Bhartia, as its Patron.

Vision of CRTDS

The Vision behind CRTDS can be summarized as under:

  1. To conduct research, studies and survey form time to time on the issues of Indian trade and Economy particularly in context of unorganised sector.
  2. To develop business opportunities by borrowing good ideas from international modalities of trading.
  3. To conceive measure to upgrade and modernise prevalent Business Model in India.
  4. To take special care to protect interest of unorganised sector comprising of Traders, Small and Medium Enterprieses, Self Employed Persons and Professionals.
  5. To conduct research about existing business system and contemplate methods to bring improvement.
  6. To educate traders and other sectors about governing Laws, Rules & Regulations of the Central and State Governments and other local Authorities.
  7. To organise meetings, Seminars Conferences, Workshop, Exhibition etc. on economic and other issues of national importance.
  8. To hold inter-action with Government and other Authorities on issues concerning trade and SMS sector.
  9. To extend best assistance to traders, SME's and other section to mitigate genuine hardships.
  10. To make effective participation in formulation of Policies of the Central and State Governments, connected with Internal and external trade, by seeking representation in Advisory Committees and Boards at Central and State level.
  11. To Publish monthly or Bi-monthly magazine, Bullentins, Souvenir, Trade Directory etc.
  12. To maintain constant rapport and touch with various ministries of the Government, Embassies Foreign Missions , Bank and Financial Institution and other similar bodies in order to derive benefits for the traders and other sectors.
  13. To lay down Code of Conduct for Traders to pursue trading policy based on fair dealing and to render fault less services to consumers.
  14. To hold meetings with Foreign Business Delegations and to promote visits of Business Delegations and traders from one State to Other State.

Glimpses of Past CRTDS Activities

In association with CAIT, the CRTDS has played important and effective role by conducting study and research work on several issues inter–alia as follows:

  1. The unorganized sector in India comprising of retail trade, small scale sector, self-employed persons and professionals.
  2. Impact of multiple laws and Acts governing domestic trade off India, on business activities.
  3. Need for a National Policy for Retail Trade in India.
  4. Need for up-gradation and modernisation of existing internal trade of India.
  5. VAT Act and its implications on Indian Trade.
  6. Comparative study of Distortions and anomallies in VAT Acts of different states.
  7. Need for launching Retail Schools for Traders to educate trading and other sector to adopt modern format of business.
  8. The Goods and Service Tax (GST).
  9. The Direct Tax Code (New Income Tax Act)
  10. The carriage by road Act and Rules.
  11. The food Safety and Standard Act.
  12. The FDI in Retail Trade.
  13. Micro Finance and MSME Sector.
  14. The Packaging Commodities Act and the Weights and Measurements Act.
  15. Simplification and Rationalisation of Tax Structure in India.
  16. Impact of Multiple Laws and Multiple Authorities on Trade in India.
  17. The Environment Pollution Control and industries in Delhi Act.
  18. Ban on Plastic bags.
  19. Master Plan of Delhi-2021
  20. Need for adoption of solar energy, solid waste management and water harvesting in India.